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  Our  services


v   Technical Support and Manpower Services

ICOS provide technical support and cost-effective services to its customers. ICOS & ITS PARTNERS has a high level of oil field experience and management perspective & expertise engineers who spent more than a quarter-century in the oil and gas sector around the globe. We are aiming to add value to the existing companies by providing high technical support to the customers: Below is a guide to identify the various positions and which category they fall into it. Such positions are grouped based on activities preformed.


O Consultants (all disciplines).    

A-Group Leader, Coordinators, and Supervisors (all disciplines).

B-Senior Engineers (all disciplines).

C-Engineers (all disciplines).

D-Senior Technicians (all disciplines), Senior Quality Surveyor, and Senior Draughtsman.

E-Technicians (all disciplines), Quality Surveyor, and Draughtsman. Senior Technical Clerk, Executive Secretary.

F-Technical Clerk, Secretary, Telex Operator and Driver.

 Engineering Services

ICOS and its partners have been active in planning and constructing industrial plants and facilities in various sectors of the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore.

In the sectors of oil, gas, refinery, and pipeline technology, we offer our customers professional range of services: feasibility studies, concepts, basic and detailed engineering, site management, and project operational support. Our objective is to provide our customers with timely and high-quality project execution that fully satisfies the requirements.


ICOS & PSE Engineering GmbH provides a wide range of design and engineering services provide any technical service to clients for all industrial complexes such as those in the gas, oil, refineries, petrochemicals, onshore and offshore pipelines / structures, water pipelines and related installations to the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry and cathodic protection systems.


 Site Survey & Reports

 Detail Design & Engineering

 Project Consultancy

 Material / Equipment Manufacture & Supply

 Construction & Supervision

 Testing & Commissioning

 Maintenance & Training


 Periodic Monitoring

 Repair / Replacement Service

 Remote Monitoring Service

 Intensive Survey

 Stray Current Investigation

 Fault Location

 Computerized Close Interval Potential Logging Survey

 Computer Based Calculation of AC Induced High Voltage

 Computerized Deep Soil Resistivity Measurement

 CP Application Software Development Service

 Training Courses & Development Seminars



In this sector ICOS with its partner companies are among the best suppliers of oil and gas products and services, including but not limited to;

  • Construction of a field facility with turnkey complex

  • Process equipment/facilities

  • Oil and gas production and transportation equipment

  • Drilling equipment & Fluids

  • Offshore platform equipment

  • Combustion systems

  • Turbine expanders

  • Autonomous Power Supply (OTP) Units (Associated Gas Recovery)



Comprehensive HS&E control measures & management are fundamental to identifying, eliminating, and or managing hazard and risk, whether seen or the opposite.



Ensure safe & tidy workplace for greater performance. Safety clothes & apparatus for each person at any work time and on-site operations is a must. Strict complying with safety rules & measures is everybody top priority. Training is a worthy and fruitful plan for deepening care and awareness


  • NO accidents    

  • NO danger spills                                                                                                   

  • No injuries

  • NO fires

  • NO less rules adherence

  • YES for truth & confidence

  • YES for protected land and preserved sea


ICOS committed to sharing with its partners and customers the

experience and knowledge that lead to success.

ICOS is ambitious and motivated by our thirst to achieve the finest thinkable settlements and solutions for our respected clients. Our network is wide, different, and well connected to serve one goal which is the satisfaction of our partners and clients from the local and international ones


1.Drilling  fluids section.     

2.Mud- logging section.

3.Man Power.

4.Drilling & work over activity.

5.Specialized companies representative.

6. Importations activity.

Highly selected additives in adequately formulated fluids along with lesser solids environment gives rise to amazing results, however, the role of tracking drilling in step-wise manner is strongly required.

 Detailed services of the pre-mentioned topics are as below:

 1-Drilling-fluids services

 It  is the vein through which techniques of drilling easily and simply  reaching  producing  formations . Our company is surely focusing  on to a achieve  such  a  service  with properly designed types of  chemicals and fluids with the aid of professional hands.


  1-1-Our essential fluids products :

Drilling  fluids  ( water and oil based systems) Products such as.

1-2-  Drilling fluids portalabs :

Suitable cabins for to be used by mud technicians and specialists during field operations to observe competency of  fluids and modify it to be properly fit for the purpose.

Adequately supported with delicate mud devices to monitor mud characteristics for better drilling progression.

I.C.O.S  providing its technicians and engineers on site with portable computers supported with software for fastening formulas  applications and to find  compatible solutions to the problems on the spot with degree of accuracy and for best job to be done with.


1-3-Engineers and know-how:-

 Employees both on site and technical staff in office with high skills and technical degrees in the scope, are to be delicately provided, ready on call , to successfully implement duties and assess operations .

Technical suggestions will be presented to clients fruitfully, meaningfully  and safely to achieve the goals securely and profitably.




1-4-Solids-control equipments :

 Solids are produced from penetrating formations in order to reach the target.

To conventionally and with lesser cost approaching the oil place , generated solids of cutting must be treated gently and regularly with proper machines of I.C.O.S like shakers , centrifuges , mud cleaners and dryers.

Environment is our responsibility therefore treating fluids for lesser harm to the surroundings will go through our equipments from trusted and respected sources.




2-Mud- logging techniques

Mud Logging Is the Technique of analyzing  and studying the samples (rock fragments) from the drilling process and describe the sectors showing the relay class of the well and  Geological evaluation. And monitor drilling Parameters, such as:
- Analysis of gases (type and quantity)
- The speed of rotation of the Bit  (RPM)
- Drilling rate (feet per hour) ROP
- Weight on the Bit   (W.O.B)
- Measure the weight of the fluid inside and outside of the well M.WT
- Control the amount of fluid reservoirs (PVT)
More information that can be utilized and knead to avoid errors during phases of drilling as well as can be used later for studies and learn more about the subsurface geology with more accuracy, and can draw a clearer picture of the reservoirs as well as finding the best solutions to the problems facing drilling.



Inside the Mud logging Unit




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