News : ICOS bought a number of four portable mud units for the purpose of running various mud systems analysis on work site.    More...         عربي

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  • Icos  has  purchased a land of 30,  whole area  in Benghazi city (Hawari  province ) in order to be adequately  prepared for future pre- planned projects .

  • A new branch office has been opened recently in Benghazi for to represent the company  within the eastern region and to run  the business  with clients in the area.




  • A fabricated ware house has been rented in Benghazi with  a quite wide  space and supported with sufficient lodging , off- loading & keeping facilities for properly and sufficiently providing customers with the recommended service .

  • Weeks ago company warehouse in Benghazi has been fulfilled with quantities of several pre- contracted mud materials from multiple mud sources and holding highly evaluated specifications.


  • Icos on the way to set and sign a contract with an International mud logging company for to purchase a number of (2) Newly constructed logging units provided with the most advanced & highly monitoring devices.            



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