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Construction of the headquarter  of the company branch, stores and a factory in Benghazi :

In the context of the advancement of the company, as required by the nature of the work carried out. Have we started actually in the preparation of the project to establish the headquarters of the company branch, factory and stores in Benghazi. Was the completion of phase studies and engineering consultancy for the project and prepare a general plan of the land with an area of 3 hectares contains

  1. Administrative building and its annexes an area of 236 m2

  2. Parking and internal roads, the total area of 5083 m2

  3. Construction of 4 stores (Hanger) estimated total area of 6336 m2

  4.  Set up a factory for grinding material bentonite and calcium carbonate Hanger within an area of 1260 m2, and the facility courtyards of raw materials and production materials

  5. Wall around the Land , the entire length of 790 meters

According to the images of the following schemes: -  More Download File here




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